Five Photoshoot Ideas to Develop your Creativity by Mohsen Motamedian

Inspiration and ideas for photo shoots from time to time challenge many amateurs. In this article, Mohsen Motamedian USA would like to share some interesting ideas for photo shoots, which can be an incentive for you to experiment creatively.

1. Try to take a picture of something you’ve never photographed before

In photography, as in any business, a constant stay in the comfort zone can lead to creative stagnation. The swamp of everyday life and routine will absorb your creative potential slowly.

The easiest way to do this is to choose an object, theme, or photography technique that you’ve never tried before.

But don’t rely on it. Think ahead of the upcoming photoshoot concept, make an idea of how you would like to see the result of your work.

Few cinematography ideas offered by Mohsen Motamedian Washington:

• If you specialize in landscapes, take some portraits;

• If you take pictures only in the daytime, go to an evening photo shoot;

• If you always work in colour, try taking black and white photos;

• If you’re used to working with automatic or semi-automatic camera modes, experiment with the shooting using manual mode.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

2. Experiment with the contrasts

Pairing up the contrasts in a photo reflect an amazing impact. Here are some ideas:

• Take a picture of a bright, colorfully-decorated location in black and white;

• Put new and old things in one frame;

• Try to cover the theme of calm and conflict.

3. Fix movement in photos

Cameras capture life in one shot, but life is rarely static. This idea will be easier to implement if you have a good tripod.

If you do not yet have it, show ingenuity and figure out how to fix the camera while it shoots on a long exposure.

• Place the camera on a hard surface. To properly orient the camera, you may have to put something under it (such as a scarf).

• Choose any moving object you like and start shooting.

• Use long exposure to take pictures of moving objects – that’s the best way to convey the action as per the knowledge of Mohsen Motamedian USA.

• Try to find a balance between the speed of the subject being removed and the exposure. It all depends on what result you want to get. The longer the exposure, the more the object you remove will be blurred.

• If the subject moves quite quickly, you need to choose a shorter exposure. Otherwise, the moving object will not be fixed at all in the image.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

4. Take multiple pictures of the same object

Multiple shots of the same object or person will make you be more creative in order to get pictures that are different from each other.

Plan it. Start with a few ideas about what you’ll shoot during the first three or four photo shoots. Mohsen Motamedian Washington suggests, to try using a new shooting technique every time. Change the focal length of the lens. Use different options and lighting schemes. Think outside the box.

5. Take photos from a non-standard angle

Most of the photos are taken from a position where the camera lens is directed straight forward. Try to move away from this habit and take photos by directing the camera lens at an upward angle. Or, conversely, down. Find objects that look more interesting from these angles.

By doing this, you will train your creative vision and search for composition in places that you usually do not consider.

According to Mohsen Motamedian USA, a wide-angle lens is useful for photographing objects from top to bottom. If you don’t have one, find an elevation on which you can stand while you’re shooting.

Balconies, overhead passages and windows above the first floor are all potentially good places to accommodate the photographer, who decided to make several frames, following the idea proposed above.

These are just a few exercise ideas to keep your creative thinking toned.You can develop them or come up with your own.

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