Heading over to a wedding shoot? Keep these factors in mind before jumpstarting

Being a professional photographer, you really have to serve your client with the best and most desired shots on their special day. Especially, when it comes to a wedding shoot, you cannot think of serving anything below the best for their best and most special memory.

Now, this is where, being a photographer, you have to live up to their expectations. Mohsen Motamedian, who has established himself as one of the most talked-about photographers of the current times, talks about pondering the below facts before heading for any wedding shoot.


Camera gears and accessories

Mohsen Motamedian WashingtonYou cannot just walk into a wedding shoot with a good DSLR and expect the same to do winders with your wedding photography skills. Being a specialist photographer himself, Max Motamedian talks about bringing all the right gears and accessories to your camera kit. Speaking of kit that must include the following:

  • Tripod

A Tripod can help you to bring all the required stability during any given wedding shoot. The best part- you can place it anywhere as per your own convenience and need not worry about the unwanted disturbances by the guests and other factors around.

  • Lense

Beside Tripod, you also need to carry the best lens in your kitty. Speaking of lens any good quality 28-30mm would do the job for you. Moreover, a lens can help you to get the right picture or focus from any part or angle within the wedding venue.

Proper lighting

max motamedianWedding shoots are all about glam and glitters and this is where lighting plays a key role in the whole process. So, being a photographer, you firstly need to check whether the same lighting conditions are enough to make you grab the perfect shot.

Mohsen motamedian export says that if the lighting isn’t enough at the wedding venue, you can take a good quality flashlight with you in the camera kit. Besides helping you with proper lighting, a flashlight would make you capture the bets wedding shots ate any desirable spot at the wedding venue.

The right camera settings

Once you are into a wedding shoot, you have to switch on the auto white balance of the camera in order to get the most balanced brightness in all of your shots. Also, you must lower down the shutter speed in good lighting conditions while keeping the autofocus feature on alongside.

Furthermore, the same settings can be tweaked a bit when you are about to capture a couple of portrait or a wide shot of the venue and the guests. As the aperture value must remain in accordance with the shutter speed and focus.

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