Night photography often proves to be a challenging task for many aspiring photographers. While few of the experts in this field like Mohsen Motamedian have a deep-seated passion for the subject and are constantly striving to improve their technical and creative abilities, those who are more familiar with daytime photography are often unaware of the need to adapt or even disregard established photography rules when photographing at night.

To help you get used to being out in the dark, Mohsen Motamedian USA suggests several key pointers for Night photography.

1. Don’t be scared to Discover New Horizons

When setting up a camera for the first time, details regarding the exposure comes as the most often asked question. Using aperture and shutter speed to their fullest potential at night is a mind-boggling experience that requires a basic grasp of the operations of these two elements of photography.

As per Max Motamedian export, it’s a misconception that photography is a precise science, yet nocturnal photography allows an opportunity to experiment and explore. So, instead of frothing at the mouth and blindly following someone else’s exposure recommendations, experiment with all the settings on your camera.

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Wildlife photography isn’t as easy as it may sound like. It’s the most challenging component of nature photography that a photographer may want to pursue. As a result, there are several variables that you have no control over.

Mohsen Motamedian, one of the most famous photographers around throws some light on the same debate. As per him, there is lot of questions that an aspiring photographer counters while going with wildlife photography.

He further adds that How can one become a successful wildlife photographer in the face of so many uncontrollable variables. Investing time, tenacity, doing research, accepting the bad along with the good, timing, and luck are all fantastic methods to get started in the right direction. Here, Mohsen Motamedian USA talks about the most important principles of the wildlife photography.

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