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It doesn’t matter whether you are an entry-level photographer or just wanted to upgrade your existing point and shoot camera, getting a DSLR camera is always a good deal. Still, as there is a lot of options around to chose from, you really need to think a lot before making the right decision. This is where you got to keep certain factors in mind before making the purchase. Mohsen Motamedian exports, one of the most famous photographers in the world around, also lay a big emphasis on the quality of the camera which one must use to get the best out of their photography skills. Max Motamedian exports himself comes as a person who takes care of these below-mentioned factors before buying a perfect camera.

Sensor quality

The sensor can surely be quoted as one of the most considerable features of a camera and it will eventually decide the quality of the picture captured and sent to the memory card. Hence, before you go out and buy your dream camera, you must check the available sensor sizes at the given price. Remember, the bigger the sensor size, the clearer the picture you will be clicking with the camera.

Video recording

There’s every possibility that you are going to use your DSLR for the video recording purpose and this is where you must check the video recording capabilities of the DSLR before making a purchase. For example, there are few cameras that can record in 1080p (Full HD) while others can only accommodate a non-HD (720p) recording capabilities. This will make you understand the overall quality of the video you are going to capture with the DSLR.max motamedian

mohsen motamedian USAEditing features

The world is evolving with newer techniques and advanced technology and the same can be said true to even the DSLR cameras. Thus, once you go out to shop for your favorite DSLR cameras, you must check what additional editing features they are coming along with. Nowadays, most of the DSLR comes with a number of modes like Night mode, Action mode, Portrait and landscape.


Money, of course, is going to be one of the first and major aspects that need to be considered before buying your favorite DSLR. You can’t really make a hole in your pocket to chase your passion so it makes sense to filter the list of DSLR which are coming within your given budget. Once you are sorted with the same, you can then try looking for other additional features.

mohsen motamedian washingtonBody details

Another important aspect that you must consider before making the purchase is the body dimensions of the DSLR you buying. Nowadays, you can find around DSLR cameras that come along with add-on specifications like 360-degree rotational view screen, mirrorless feature and polycarbonate bodies. Not only these specifications add a lot more touch to the look of the camera, but they will also make it more multidimensional in the process.

Max Motamedian is one of the most endeavored entrepreneurs in this current era. He is the CEO of Total Nutricare LLC, his brilliance and excellence taken the business into heights in the past few years. In 2008 this Total nutricare LLC business comes as a vital supplement and vitamin. Since it’s starting, Mr. Motamedian always being as an active part of operational areas of the business. His active participation also ensures the best and successful results. In the field of marketing, sales, purchasing, and distribution operation all are led by Mr. Motamedian. This all happens due to his futuristic, envision and brilliant sense of decision making. This was his amazing contribution, that has come out to be the most premium healthcare products and services. The service of Total Nutricare is comprehensive and they deliver the products of fitness and healthcare, with a team of professionals and experts who carry out several studies and the researches.Mohsen Motamedian

This was the time when all they were appreciated as the most recommended supplements in the industry. It depends on your biometrics which is highly aimed to provide health and fitness with their quality products. When he was serving as the CEO Mohsen Motamedian ensured the development and updates in the industry of health care which he achieved with his brilliant decision making. Further, he took steps ahead towards the conventional and other health and fitness-related ceremonies organized by the different countries across the globe.

During these meetings, he gathers the expert’s knowledge and information about the products along with the current trends from the various parts of the world. That’s how he plans the discrete strategies for the overall growth and development of his business of Total Nutricare. With a positive attitude and with intense desire he crosses every barrier and worked to establish the Total Nutricare. In recent years Mohsen Motamedian beings his company into such heights of appreciation and represented in the most recognized events at international levels, such as International Congress in Aesthetic, Anti-aging Medicine, Laser conference and exhibition, The Dubai World Dermatology and MEPLAST 2009. max motamedian

His exquisite business acumen, brilliant skills of marketing and discrete decision making is the reason behind this success. Across the globe Total Nutricare has been able to prove its mettle in the health and nutrition industry. 

Educational and Career history – 

Before his work with the total Nutricare, Max Motamedian completed his studies from the famous California State University, Long Beach. During his studies, he recognized his interest in medicine. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Science specifically in Electronics and biomedical engineering. Later then he started working as a digital marketer and got interested in real estate work. mohsen motamedian washington

Apart from his business Mr. Max Motamedian is also included in most of the charitable contributions across the country. Currently, he supports the Autism Society and the Child Foundation. When it comes to his hobbies and other passions, he enjoys doing hiking, skiing, watching movies and reading about airplanes and automobiles.